Shannon is what some would call an “adrenaline junky”, never afraid to leave her comfort zone to try something new and challenging. Shannon loves football, so one day she decided she wanted to get closer to the field, literally. Shannon is a proud Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Alumni, she cheered on the Dolphins sidelines for three years, can’t get much closer than that! Shannon didn’t stop there, she has also earned her scuba diving certification, including the night dive and deep dive! From the sea to the air, Shannon also enjoys skydiving! Never giving up on herself, Shannon went back to college in her forty’s and graduated with High Honors obtaining an Associate of Science Degree in Crime Scene Technology focusing on Crime Scene Forensics! Shannon continued to conquer her dreams and acquired her motorcycle license, recently slaying the Tail of the Dragon! Shannon has always enjoyed sharing her life experiences; good, bad & ugly, hoping to use these experiences to benefit others. It’s not surprising that Shannon decided to share her experiences in a much broader way and become a Podcast Host. Shannon believes we are all the same in one way or another, and sharing your knowledge with others, whatever that may be, will make the world a better place. It’s perfectly fine to be your perfectly imperfect YOU!